Reading Journal “RJ”


Reading Journal

Hello everyone of there! I’d like to invite you to join our weekly event. Reading Journal is every Sunday at 5 PM at GMT +2 (Egypt time).

Reading Journal is a FANTASTIC way to improve your English, no matter what level you’re at. And for many more reasons than you might think.

Whatever level you are, you should be reading something in English.

What you can expect:

1) Meeting new people & making friends.
2) Sharing your opinions & discussions.
3) Practicing reading magazines online.

4) Developing English speaking skills through our discussion every week on skype conference.

What you need to participate:

1) Summon up your Courage.
2) A Skype account to join our READING JOURNAL GROUP” on Skype.
3) A microphone & webcam (webcam is optional).
4) Be in a quiet place (not in noisy internet cafe, grocery store, or walking the street).
5) Be polite & respect other participants.  

Be sure you and I are in contact BEFORE the event. My Skype ID is: Roaming70

All events are listed in GMT +2 (Egypt time).

See you on Skype. 🙂

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