BOOK CLUB: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho / From page 18-20


For those who wish to participate, to read & discuss as a group, please read Pages 18-20 in The Alchemist, it is found here –>

After you have read these pages, please answer the following questions:

1- One of the first major diversions from Santiago’s journey is the theft of his money in Tangiers. How is Santiago’s money stolen? We could describe this experience as a Test/Ordeal. How does the fable of the oil and the spoon relate to this Test?

2- After he has been robbed of all his money in Tangier, Santiago at first begins to despair and regret that he ever set out on his journey. As he gazes at the stones, however, he realizes what his mistake was in dealing with the thief who robbed him. What was his mistake, and how will need to change in order to find his treasure?

3- What happens when Santiago asks the stones to tell him if he will find his treasure? Santiago believes this is an omen. What might it mean?

4-  How has the character of the Crystal Merchant been tricked over time into believing “the world’s greatest lie,” as Melchizedek called it?

5- The Crystal Merchant tells Santiago that even if the boy worked for a year in the shop his earnings wouldn’t pay for his passage across the Sahara Desert to Egypt. What does Santiago say in response to this news? How does his response confirm the omen that was revealed when he asked the stones if he would find his treasure?

Please reply and share at least one question, at least three vocabulary words/phrases, and your favorite sentence or paragraph from Pages 18-20.

[All Book Club: The Alchemist classes are listed at GMT+2]

To join the class, please be sure I have you on my Skype contact list PRIOR to class. My Skype ID is: Roaming70

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