BOOK CLUB: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho/ From page 25-29


For those who wish to participate, to read & discuss as a group, please read Pages 25-29.

The Alchemist in PDF file, it is found here –>


The Audiobook, it is found here –>


After you have read these pages, please answer the following questions;

1- What does the Englishman do for a living?

2- When Santiago begins his trek across the desert, he meets an Englishman who is a student of alchemy. In many ways they are alike: both are pursuing their “Personal Legends,” both have encountered the ideas of alchemy. How is their approach to life and learning different?

3- The Englishman, whom Santiago meets when he joins the caravan to the Egyptian pyramids, is—like Santiago—joining the caravan as part of a quest. What is the Englishman searching for?

4- Author Paulo Coelho says that the biggest obstacle most people face in pursuing their Personal Legend is, “the fear of realizing the dream for which we fought all our lives.

How does this explain the Crystal Merchant’s failure to travel to Mecca?

Please reply and share at least one question, at least three vocabulary words/phrases, and your favorite sentence or paragraph from Pages 25-29.

NOTE: This book group event is listed here at GMT+2 hours (Egypt time).

To join the class, please be sure I have you on my Skype contact list PRIOR to class.

My Skype ID is: Roaming70

You can join our discussion on LEWWWP

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