BOOK CLUB: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho/ From page 21-24


For those who really wish to participate, to read & discuss as a group, please read Pages 21-24.

The Alchemist in PDF file found here –>


Audiobook found here –>


After you have read these pages, please answer the following questions;

1- What chain of events leads the boy to work at the crystal shop?

2- What does he learn there?

3- Why is he able to change and improve the shop, which has remained the same for many years?

4- How is he different from the shop’s owner?

5- How long has the boy been working for the crystal merchant?

Please reply and share at least one question, at least three vocabulary words/phrases, and your favorite sentence or paragraph from Pages 21-24.

NOTE: This book group event is listed here at GMT+2 hours (Egypt time).

To join the class, please be sure I have you on my Skype contact list PRIOR to class.

My Skype ID is: Roaming70

You can join our discussion on LEWWWP

Please leave a comment and ask questions related to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho from page 21-24. Also share and follow us on social sites. 🙂


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