Real Life Elementary Episode 2.

Episode 2:

In this episode, Anna and Mark are meeting John and
Sally in town to go to the cinema. Unfortunately, Anna
and Mark don’t know how to get there. They ask Dave
for directions and borrow a map from him. After some
trouble on the way, they eventually arrive in town but
are still unable to find the cinema, even though they are
standing right in front of it!

Functional language

Scenes 1, 2 and 3 Asking for and giving directions

Before you watch

Elicit the names of the characters and the relationships
between them. Ask students where the Benton family is
on holiday and what kind of holiday it is.

Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked

Borrow & path

Extra questions:

Scene 1

What colour are the surfboards in Dave’s shop?

Scene 2

Is it a long way from the campsite to town?

Scene 3

When you meet friends in town, what do you do?


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