Real Life Elementary Episode 1.

Episode 1:

In this episode, we are introduced to the Benton family.
They are getting ready to go on holiday to Cornwall. We
see them get in the car, check they have got everything
and then head off to Cornwall. When they get there,
they set up their tents at the campsite and we learn
that the children, Mark and Anna, are not sharing a tent
with their parents, Sally and John. Finally, while Mark and
Anna are unpacking, Dave, the surfing instructor, comes
over and introduces himself, much to Anna’s delight and Mark’s amusement.

Functional language:

Scene 3 Meeting and greeting.

Before you watch

Start by doing the interactive multiple-choice activity.
Students will see pictures of the main characters on the screen. Ask students to watch the introductory sequence and be ready to name the characters. When the pictures of the main characters appear again, at the end of the introductory sequence, invite answers and click the blanks to see the correct answers. You could also use this opportunity to elicit the relationships between each character. For the remaining interactive questions, follow the same procedure: show the question, watch the section and then vote for the right answer.

Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked

Credit card, bridge, tent, campsite, to camp manager.

Extra questions

Scene 1

Describe what each character looks like.

Scene 2

Does a camping holiday look fun?

Scene 3

What things do you take on holiday?


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